Saturday, September 30, 2006

Four more years!

Boy oh boy, do I miss Bill Clinton. C'mon, who's up for a constitutional amendment allowing him to run again?

Seriously, the guy wasn't perfect, but he was smart, reasonable and likable. Plus he shares my fondness for plump young women. Remember when he refused to sign that bullshit budget and the resulting showdown actually shut down the federal government? Talk about leadership. Can you imagine George W. Bush doing anything like that?

I sure don't think friggin' John Kerry would have it in him. Probably Howard Dean was our best chance at outdoing the Clinton administration, but someone sure fucked that up. I have to admit that I'm about ready to start considering Hillary. I dunno. It's like: What choice have I got? I'm not going to vote Republican, and I'm too pragmatic for a protest vote. I know I'll toe the line like a good little Democrat because that's just what I did for (grr!) Kerry.

I'm a fairly young man, but I remember (barely!) when the words liberal and conservative both represented positive values that I wished to balance in my life and my government. I also remember when Newt Gingrich, Pat Robertson, and Rush Limbaugh started to twist the term "liberal" into a catch-all pejorative. Of course, the term conservative is now poisoned as well. I've always been mindful of the many true conservatives of this country who must be incensed at seeing the word associated with lying (watch how his eyes tick to the left with each one!), secrecy, outrageous spending and crass Constitutional blasphemy (Note: Bush lost the case mentioned in that piece).


grumps said...

What's an HTML? What's a tag?
We ALL Miss Bill Clinton. Whether we know it or not!
I have a Site for you. It's Union Of Concerned Scientists. It's Extensive. Very. Like, buried, is an anwser to Michael(not too bright)Crichton. Constantly changing. Constantly look-at-able.
It isn't Perl...but some of us (NOT An Old Guy) need simplification. It isn't just CO2. There's Sulpher!
We're VERY looking forward to you and your (one of) remarkable sister coming north

Thursday, October 12, 2006  
FreedomGirl said...

You have a fondness for plump women?! I knew there was a reason I liked you. Oh, yeah....and liking my boy Bill makes you uber cool, too.

Friday, October 20, 2006  

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