Thursday, July 27, 2006

OSCON: Day two

Ah, morning. Last night we partied with the Perl geeks in our hotel. I met a couple of people whose names I only know from books and mailing lists. After a good night's sleep we set off for breakfast in the exhibit hall.

After spending some time at the Shopzilla table, we split up to attend some talks. David and I went to Chris Nandor's talk about porting the Mac::Carbon Perl module to the new Intel Macs. It was a bit over my head so I didn't really retain much, but Chris is an old friend of David's and we wanted to represent, so to speak. Despite my extensive knowledge of the Perl language, I know very little about the internals. I'm sure Nick would have felt right at home. I did learn that the Macs have a different epoch (the "beginning of time") than Unix. I was a bit surprised.


Amos said...

Just to clarify. I took this from wikipedia:

January 1, 1904 - Apple Macintosh epoch (local time) through Mac OS 9. Mac OS X switched to the Unix epoch. Palm OS epoch.


Monday, July 31, 2006  

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