Friday, July 28, 2006

OSCON: Day three part 1

It's the last day of the conference. Adam and I checked out of the hotel and ran into Mark on the way out. We attended Damian Conway's keynote, which was quite funny, and had a little breakfast. After a quick stop at the Powell's bookstand for a book on programming Ruby, we split up for more talks.

My next talk was Peter Scott's "Extreme Perl Makeover" presentation. It was very similar to Mark's red flags talk, except that most of his examples were more heinous. His approach was to show Perl code written in a naive BASIC or C style, and change some 15-line block into one line of Perl using hashes or regexes. It was fairly contrived, especially since there are so few developers left who would write Perl in such a way. I got the feeling he created these examples specifically for the purpose of "fixing" them using a simple Perl idiom. Mark's talk contained many of the same lessons but communicated them in a much more effective way. I was not impressed with this talk. It seemed to be aimed at very inexperienced Perl developers. There was nothing "extreme" about this presentation. I guess we can't all be Audrey, eh?


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